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Amazing India Heritage Sites World Record project participated by Govt. of India (ASI), Ministry of Art & Culture, and Ministry of Tourism and by musicians worldwide. Click here to know more >>

National & International Musicians Part of Us

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Millions of Musicians / Fine & Performing Artists as Dancers, Painters etc aspire to be part of the project that presents them with a global and national mileage, milestone. These opportunities arise for select few for life time. You would have noted that only rarest musician have performed/shot at Heritage Sites primarily Yanni, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Pt. Ravi Shankar, and other few national awarded legends or celebrity.

Amazing India Heritage Sites World Record is one such multi crores project investment by guitarmonk, a world record guitar journey by Founder Kapil Srivastava, which unlocks global opportunity for select aspiring artists, who are also looking to see nationally and globally returns and opportunities.

Please Note, at first phase, launching January; we are reaching (via Print+Digital Bulletin) to –

  • 500+ Universities (All India’s Universities) with Amazing Heritage Bulletin covering profiles of Amazing India Sites & our Musicians; along with
  • 55+ Major International Campuses of World including Washington, Harvard, Arizona, New York University, University of Pittsburgh, Berkeley, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Miami etc

At next phase, we are involving veteran musician to showcase your talent at Delhi Heritage Site

Values of Project for Participating Musician

  • Part of Heritage Site Video Release
  • National Television Release of Video
  • Forever Profile in YouTube Social Media Presence
  • Reaching all Indian Universities (500+) and 55+ Major International Campuses
  • Profile reach to 10,000 Institutions/Schools
  • Amazing India Artist Representation to Global Community via Social & News Media
  • Website Presence at and other social medias
  • Indian University/Schools can recognize you and may be future clients for you
  • International Universities may also network you for future requirements
  • Government associated project Portfolio
  • Others

All above costs are borne by guitarmonk and their respective associates.

If you are willing to be part of this Amazing India Project and aspire to expand to next stage, associate yourself with the video/heritage release as a veteran and also show your talent to world.

Connect us ASAP before it’s too late as we are already doing our shooting. Note shooting sites/schedule

Write – amazingIndia@guitarmonk.comamazing india musicians artists dancers painters