Bejjanki V Ravi Kiran: Morsing Man of India

Bejjanki V Ravi Kiran Morsing Man of India

Bejjanki V Ravi Kiran is one of the few musicians in India holding and carrying the legacy of traditional IndianBejjanki V Ravi Kiran Morsing Ghatam Mridangam percussion. Known as the Morsing Man, Ravi also plays Ghatam and Mridangam and performs both in India and abroad. He is highly motivated to teach and transfer this wealth to the new generation.

GMTuneTime, an online music channel, Invited and honored Bejjanki V Ravi Kiran and interviewed (anchored by Hema Biswa) him at their Delhi Studio. Kapil Srivastava, founder Guitarmonk, also did a guitar and ghatam jugalbandi episode with him on  & now also coming up with Raga Asavari on Guitar. Bejjanki V Ravi Kiran also shares about his journey, struggles with the instrument and how it has shaped his life after decades of professional playing.

Check out the interview to know why he picked these instruments and what motivates him in our exclusive talk with him?

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