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First of all, a very warm thanks in appreciating the work we do. Most of us have heard of various International tourists spots of the world be it their Water Falls, Lakes, Beaches etc. Even a smaller country show their tourist spots, culture as larger than life and attracts the whole world.
sher mandal old fort delhiWe are all well aware about even simple streets names of western countries; they are so well marketed. But in India many people don’t even know about the heritage site or unique spots in their local city. Forget the streets of India, many people don’t even know what is all there to see in India and how many heritages we hold and (many are 1000+ of years old). And the same applies to our music, our instruments and our personalities that need world’s attention. India is a huge country of amazing wealth that needs to come forward the way we brought our cricketers and actors to limelight.
India being one of the largest countries has so many beautiful places, far bigger, far richer, to showcase. You can’t even doubt that if that Indian place is in Switzerland or Europe unless we tell you it is inside India. Yes, yet these places are unknown and untouched.
Therefore, we are doing Amazing India Heritage Sites World Record Project – A Never before Guitar Journey. Shooting at 30 Heritage Spots of Delhi and working towards showcasing Select Indian Music (Art & Culture) & Indian Places both nationally and internationally.

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Philosophy The project Amazing India – a guitar Journey binds youth, heritage, culture, amazing Indian personalities, enterprise all together in it. After the milestone of Tallest Cake Pyramid Guinness in Sept 2016 in Surat (Gujarat), where we also got the chance to empower and help out unprivileged and Divyang daughters and gift them 100 guitars. The event became a global/national milestone and global news/fame. The event also brought the largest guitar gathering of Surat ever lead by our women guitarists.  That was tip point and inspiration to lead an Amazing India cause. The objective is to cover and integrate the whole India heritage sites musically and present its ‘amazing-ness’ to the world in a most creative and unique way.