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In the world of glamour, attraction and fashion. Singers are majorly the ones that steal the show, whereas instrumentalists doesn’t get much opportunity and are accompaniments ones.

There is a rare possibility for instrumentalists to be able to evolve and focus on his instrument. It is because of his/her basic need to survive and make a living.

In an unorganized Indian Music industry where artists struggles every day, it takes a lot of courage to go out of the box and research on such arrangements for Guitar. GMTuneTime is a platform, wherein we are researching and working regularly to present such artistic works for free in public domain.

At GMTuneTime whenever we make a song, we ensure that we don’t take a digital loop rather we all work from the Scratch designing each and every phrase, re-arranging it in tempo and perform it manually. Highly experienced, talented and respected percussion artist, re-phrasing, re-arranging, performing the pieces for the tune. That’s why the music that we make takes a lot of effort, days and plethora of uncountable hours in studio and of course lot of money too.

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