Guitar Walk

The Guitar Walk composition

Guitar Walk is an exercise which is a combination of various scales, moods and its fusion with percussion. We at guitarmonk teach independent technical development for all our sincere Guitar Students. Our Complete Program (CRP) covers special Technical Development and Scale development sessions at its guitar classes in Delhi branches.

Guitar Walk is a musical run on guitar by Kapil Srivastava and accompanied by Ravi Kiran on morsing and ghatam. It is a remarkable display of mastery in guitar as well as a dab hand in playing ancient percussions.

The idea behind the Guitar Walk piece came to mind when Kapil was having his daily finger exercise on his beloved guitar when he realized that he actually has come up with such a brilliant combination of notes and a great run from zero to 15th fret just within few seconds of playing his beloved instrument. And so, he decided to record it where he incorporates both traditional ghatam and guitar and morsing to add more flavor.

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  1. ‘The Guitar Walk ‘ Video- fusion of Ghatam and Guitar. “When I wrote ‘Guitar Walk’ piece, it was more of an exercise to me with unique combination of notes and a great run from zero to 15th fret on guitar. But later I found it as a never before and interesting flavor i.e. when I blended it with Ghatam and Morsing. And this became part – 1 of Guitar Walk. Thanks to Bejjanki V Ravi Kiran who accompanied me in Morsing & Ghatam.Do Subscribe at as this is the place I am bringing more of Guitar music and exploring new horizons of guitar.

  2. Unique piece Kapil! Shows your technique off well. Also like hearing the percussion with it and the guitar accompaniment. GM Tune Time is off to a promising start with Season 1.

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