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GuitarmonkShakti Foundation, an organization working for socio-economic upliftment of tribal women. We have come up with an initiative “Empowering Daughters – Empowering India”. And we are celebrated the brave spirit of Indian daughters on a very special day, 17th September 2016. It was 66th birthday of our Honorable PM Shri Narendra Modi. We have named it “Atulya Shakti Diwas”!

The day was also the successful one for Successful Guinness World Record  >> 

Guitarmonk Sponsored Free guitar gifts to our underprivileged daughters.

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A successful day to break Guinness World Record of World’s Tallest Pyramid Cake. Further backed by live musical greeting and salutation under the leadership of Guitarmonk.
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The Guitarmonk Shakti duo also pledges to inaugurate FREE MUSIC EDUCATION centers @ Surat. To support more than 10,000 under-powered women as ‘Music for Peace and Prosperity’ for our daughters.
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Moreover, this event is going to bring Nation’s attention to both the ACHIEVEMENTS and ISSUES of Indian daughters.
Support Music Instrument Support Guitar
2nd-Hand Guitar, Keyboard or other instrument Rs. 2500


Support one Child ‘Prelude Course’ Support a Group & Event
Rs. 4000
Rs. 50,000
*10 Students training, performance
*Be Chief Guest
Our events happen every half yearly for students. Be the change you want to see.

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