Heart and Passions

Heart and Passions

“I was taking Guitar classes in Noida in year 2003 when I started composing this melody in D Major Scale. The whole mood was to relate the piece with human ups and downs and thus I took the melody out of scale and beat. I deliberately took this piece out of beat in between two phrases as I want the emotion of the melody to be disorganized as happens with human life”

Heart and Passion is composed, arranged and performed by Kapil Srivastava and recorded in New Delhi. This sui generics music piece by Guitarmonk’s Kapil is now on video for GM Tune Time Season 1.

Heart and Passion reflects this quote well. The moods and emotions along with the passions of humans in life are ever changing. The slow to fast and the syncopated phrases in Guitar gives life to the musical rhythm of human existence. Just like experiencing despondency turned into excitement and eventually leading to a surge of happiness flowing, connecting the tune to our body of emotions.

The rhythmic changing of beats in its melody processes the mood of the bluegrass genre. With guitar and percussion as accompaniment, these even brings out the sassiness in every tune.

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  1. Heart and Passion, as the name describes relates to the ever changing, ups and down feelings and passions of human life. The ever changing moods of a human being from low to high, despondency to excitement described well with slow to fast and syncopated phrases on Guitar, giving it a life. This melody has syncopated styled phrases that also reflect the mood of bluegrass genre. Melody is composed, arranged and performed by Kapil Srivastava, is the forth tune of Season # 1 of GM Tune Time Video Episodes Series. You can connect to Artist at http://www.facebook.com/kapilguitarist Subscribe at http://www.youtube.com/gmtunetime for more of guitar videos.

  2. It’s so nice….. cool….congratulationsPls think some thing about union &separationMilan & biraha two different aspect of love….but they are always together. …even they are different in nature and character

  3. mind blowing performance friend…..real music and brilliant composing idea…. ups and down feelings and passions of human life….so wonderfully expressed with the instrument….I am so excited with it…….thanks for the good meaningful music…

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