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image building 1With almost two decades of experience in the education, production and establishing plethora of successful music concepts, gmtunetime offers its wide experience in developing durable artist careers.

Yes, you are right; it’s durable and not 1 day of success.

Millions of artist aspires to do something in music are left with obsolete Television and other marketing platforms. It is a fact that most of them end up as strugglers in music. Some even get struck in the production stage and waste lots of money before realizing the best way to present it.

On the contrary many established artists, after having given even 2 decades to their music are badly missing in the marketing and management side.

Music Image building is the initiative to help artist in same direction and it comprises of several steps fromimage building Consulting, Concept Creation, Project Management, Project Marketing and Branding etc.

If you are a beginner/fresher or a professional music aspirant finding answers to your music product development and promotion need, the first step towards your music goal consists of providing you with industry backdrop, coaching and guidance to help you know where you are.  We keep note of your background and then advise you, your next steps, based on the resources you currently have and that is what Music Image Building is about.

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GMTT panel has distinguished visiting faculty, mentors who are specialists in different technical subjects. It has artists who are legendary musicians across globe, with network and resources of diversified facilities and global pr networks.

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