Indian Guitaroo Theme – Fastest Guitar

Indian Guitaroo Theme - Fastest Guitar

Indian Guitaroo Theme - Fastest Guitar

Sharing you full ‘INDIAN GUITAROO’ version, Episode 3 of gmtunetime & the 1st music of 3rd season composed, arranged and performed by Kapil Srivastava. This composition is  one of the fastest guitar pieces played at a remarkable speed of 600 notes per minute.

I am thankful to my favorite Tabla Artist Ustad Athar Hussain Khan, who accompanied me both in recordings and shoot. And a very aspiring percussionist Udit who accompanied in Drums. This is my one of the experiments I risked on guitar and I over-trained my fingers at speed of 650 beats per minute to have actually played it at this level. I also want to credit ever inspiring Sawan Dutta who helped it got recorded and then mixed it at her studio…says Kapil

INDIAN GUITAROO – The ‘adhar (basis)’ of this tune is based on Raga – Puriya Dhanashree scale and with some accidental notes, merged with minor pentatonic and application of power chords while playing rock pieces etc. It is a perfect fusion of Rock & Raga on Guitar within 3 minutes. Accidental cymbal smashes to show the Sum and reference for the complex Tihai. Ending it all finally in a new Key and Chord.

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  1. Superb fusion with rock/jazz rock overtones ,overall very exciting &inspiring..keep up the good work my friend, you are already on the world stage….!

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