Seldom musicians and students get opportunity to launch themselves under guidance of diversified experienced professionals and gurus.

Launch-Me project is a 1st ever, historic program to launch artist and bridge them from 1st to last step, from academics to launch pad.  This is a professional training and launch pad program for music seekers.

This program is a one of its kind and exclusive opportunity for amateur and practicing musicians towards creating a landmark, goodwill & excellence in same.

Attributes of Program

This program will assist sincere students to build their musical identity and make use of their academic training to the final stage. The achievements of the program can be categorized as

  1. Academic Training (Guitar, Keyboard and Vocals)
  2. Repertoire Build up Workshop for performance
  3. Live Rehearsals and Jamming with professionals
  4. Recording Studio Exposure
  5. Video Shooting
  6. Post Production Exposure
  7. Certificate & Video
  8. Life time portfolio and social media appreciation/following

Marketing & PR

  1. Publicity with Guitarmonk’s Social media across globe
  2. GM Tune Time Channel Website
  3. Media Release and Student’s experience interview
  • Recording Studio Exposure – This program besides providing music lessons/training and creating launch video also provides exposure with professional team of recordist/arrangers/composers/music directors and artists, who will play a vital role in launching the audio, video of LAUNCH-ME program for the student.
  • Video & Post Production Exposure – Launch-Me program also hires professionals as Director of photography/camera professionals, video editors, script writers, conceptualizer, studio technicians, make up artist etc who takes care of the pre-production to post-production process of video part.
  • Jamming with Professionals – This program also provides opportunity in live jamming with accompaniment artists, recording artist.
  • Life-time portfolio & social media following – Student also achieve a life time viewership, fan following through social media as being part of GM Tune Time.

Who is this for?

  • The project is an opportunity for both absolute beginners & professionals.
Areas For Beginners  (requires training)  For Professionals (requires no training)
Subjects Guitar, Keyboard and Vocal* only All Subjects
Duration 120 hours (10 – 12 months) NA
Fee Rs. 1,28,000/-

(Installments provision available)

Based on the requirements & potential of Artist/Band/Song (Email
*Selection of candidate for Vocal will be based on a test and assessment only.

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Terms and Conditions with the program as applicable