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Amazing India Music School Partner

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Professional music schools have the opportunity to get a life-long branding and global outreach as well as recognition by being part of the Amazing India musical journey (click here >>)

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Music School will get the values and branding via following USPs

  • Presentation as Music School Partner before the start of the video
  • TV Release of Video
  • Social Media Release (forever mileage)
  • Govt. Supported Project
  • Heritage Sites
  • A World Record Journey
  • Branding to your institution at city, nation and global level
  • Represent yourself as one of the noted Amazing India Music Schools of the country of your city
  • Indomitable national value and brand image
  • Amplified students/parents regard and fascination
  • Part of forever increasing mileage via lifetime content
  • Website Presence at and other social media

Please Note, at next phase, we are also reaching (via Print+Digital Bulletin) to –

  • 500+ Universities (All India’s Universities) with Amazing Heritage Bulletin covering profiles of Amazing India Sites & our Musicians; along with
  • 55+ Major International Campuses of World including Washington, Harvard, Arizona, New York University, University of Pittsburgh, Berkeley, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Miami etc

We are giving exclusive branding to only one music school to a heritage and the video as “Amazing India Music School Partner

If you want to include your school as part of Amazing India Music Schools then write us with complete details at

Connect us ASAP before it’s too late as we are already doing our shooting. Note shooting sites/schedule

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