Music video shoot at Jantar Mantar, Delhi | Archaeoastronomical Sight, India

Jantar Mantar, Delhi - Archaeoastronomical Sight of India

Jantar Mantar (Yantra – instruments, mantra – formulae) is an archaeological or an archaeoastronomical sight of India. Was constructed in 1724 by Maharaja Jai Singh of Jaipur who built this observatory and went on to build other observatories in Ujjain , Varanasi and Mathura. 

Being a world renowned sight in the heart of the capital (Delhi, India) , it has been a preferred junction for protests & rallies to shape and make it a national/international concern. 


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About Amazing India Guitar Journey Video Shoot @ Jantar Mantar

Kapil Srivastava, during it’s Delhi’s journey of Amazing India World Record Project has video shot at Jantar Mantar beautiful folk song and named it as “The Sunrise”. 

Following are some of the images during the shoot

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