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Promise is the 1st professional launch-me song from GM Tune Time by Western Vocalist, Song-writer and Pianist Nitin Sri (a versatile singer and song-writer). The song expresses the feelings of togetherness and lives it to the height of unbreakable promise in its beautiful symbolic words, vocals and creative music arrangement.

The song is arranged and mixed by famous music director Sawan Dutta (she is the music maker and/or arranger for many Bollywood movies and shows as KBC, Mumbai Delhi Mumbai, SRK etc.) while Guitar arrangement & performance is done by Kapil Srivastava in leads and rhythms.

Nitin, a Delhi University Kirorimal College Alumni, an ex-TCS employee is an outstanding singing talent balanced well with composing and song writing abilities. His voice blends well with western style. His ability to sing at high octave as falls voice is something extra-ordinary and laudable. Except Kishore kumar, rare Indian singers are capable to sing at falls voice in music industry today and that is one of the catch points of song too” – Kapil Srivastava

Promise is the Debut song of our Launch-me concept and we share it to you as a promise of future quality songs.

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  1. GM Tune Time is a Great platform managed by awesome people.GM Tune Time, is a unique initiative and platform to showcase instrumental music (primarily guitar) and particularly Indian guitar playing to global community as online. Each season has a unique theme and concept associated to it. It is absolutely free for users at GM Tune Time YouTube Channel.

    Congratulations to entire team of GM Tune Time .May almighty bless all of you & grant all your wishes
    Gratefully Yours,
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