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Amazing India is a World Record Guitar Journey towards India’s Culture Connectivity at a Global level. Shooting at 30 Heritage Sites of Delhi. Read Full >>

Activities/Mileage For Sponsors

  • Presentation as a Special Category Partner before the start of the video
  • TV Release of Video
  • Social Media Release (forever mileage)
  • Govt. Supported Project
  • Heritage Sites
  • A World Record Journey
  • Branding to your organization at city, nation and global level
  • Represent yourself as one of the noted Amazing India entity/brand  of the country of your city
  • Indomitable national value and brand image
  • Amplified public regard and fascination
  • Part of forever increasing mileage via lifetime content
  • Website Presence at gmtunetime.com and other social media
  • And others

(Print+Digital Bulletin) to –

  • 500+ Universities (All India’s Universities) with Amazing Heritage Bulletin covering profiles of Amazing India Sites & our Musicians; along with
  • 55+ Major International Campuses of World including Washington, Harvard, Arizona, New York University, University of Pittsburgh, Berkeley, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Miami etc
  • 150+ Countries Tourism Ministry

Values to Society

  • “This Amazing India Guitar is also a world record project which will bring maximum unique compositions & ragas by any guitarist across globe at maximum places of heritage value. “
  • Increase awareness about our heritage sights to public at large
  • Magnify and promote our unique cultural music heritage of ragas and Indian music and connect them to youth
  • Present Indian heritage instruments and artists
  • Boost awareness via millions of views and global mileage of our content and specialties of India
  • And last but not the least it will highlight selects works/enterprises of India including Amazing India personalities
  • The first ever concept to integrate culture-tourism-enterprise-Indians
  • It is a world audience project not bound by any language, territory as such it covers both national and international mileage and much more…


  • Offer immortal infotainment content for life time, suitable for TV, Social Media, Students and future generation to come.
  • Focusing 100 heritage at first phase, creating 100 unique music, documentaries for life time views
  • Keep boosting our tourism, culture and build a connect to people across for forever times to come

If you want to include yourself as part of Amazing India Journey then write us with complete details at amazingindia@guitarmonk.com

Check our shooting sites/schedule

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