Online Poker News


Depending on the rules of the game, players can either bet or raise a pot. The pot is the aggregate of all bets made by all players in one deal. Several betting rounds may be played before a winner is determined. Players may choose to fold if they do not have a good hand. If they fold, they will be out of the running for the pot.

In most forms of poker, players are dealt five cards and must use them to create a poker hand. A five-card hand may be made up of a combination of cards from your hand, cards in the community cards, and/or cards in the deck. The best possible hand is a five of a kind, which is made up of a pair of aces, a pair of jacks, and a pair of kings.

The lowest possible hand is a 7-5-4-3-2 in two or more suits. It is also possible to make a five-of-a-kind using a wild card. The highest-ranking card in the deck is the kicker.

There are hundreds of different forms of poker. The most common are stud poker and hold’em. Stud poker involves using five or seven cards to create the best possible hand. Players may also switch cards with each other. Hold’em requires players to use two hole cards and three board cards. Each hand is played against all of the other players in the hand. Unlike stud, hold’em involves a betting round, but a player may raise the pot by placing an additional chip in the pot.

The most important rule in any game of poker is to play a game in which you win. The game is played in private homes and casinos throughout the world. In North America, poker is most popular. In fact, broadcasts of poker tournaments have drawn huge audiences to cable and satellite TV distributors.

In a poker tournament, players may have to fold when the dealer decides to raise their bet. Typically, in a live poker game, the button is a plastic disk. It is passed clockwise after every hand. In online poker, action is sometimes taken in the dark. If a player decides to fold, he will be out of the running for the pot and may never compete for it again.

The most exciting part of a poker game is watching the cards fall. The deck is dealt to the players in turn, and each receives one card facedown. The dealer has the last right to shuffle the cards. A “badugi” dealer issues four cards instead of five. The dealer also has the right to shuffle the cards if there are more than five players. After the first round, a second round is dealt, and the deal is repeated. A final betting round is then held, followed by a showdown. The winner is the player with the best hand.

The “old” way to play poker is to shuffle the cards before the deal, but this is not required. A player can bluff his way to a victory, or he can use the cards in his hand to win. The player with the best hand is the one to make the first bet.

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State Government Assistance for Small Business Creation and Development

business news

Besides a solid business plan and a healthy dose of hard work, the biggest hurdle to conquer is apprehension. If you have a business plan in place, it is a matter of making sure that it is actually implemented and that the right people are involved in the process. Luckily, there are many organizations, including the state government, that can help point you in the right direction. The Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDT) is a great place to start. Among its many services, the Department of Small Business Services (DSBS) can provide assistance with small business licenses, licenses and permits, training, and more. If you have a small business, it is a good idea to visit their website for a complete list of services they provide. The state government also provides a small business directory which contains a handy list of business contacts who can help you with the rest of your business needs. The Department of Small Business Services can be contacted via telephone or email. They can help you with a myriad of small business issues, from obtaining a business license to improving your business etiquette.

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University of South Carolina School of Law Issues News

law new

During the past year, the University of South Carolina School of Law has been celebrating its 150th anniversary. This is a time of great celebration and a time of great opportunity. The law school has been able to welcome a number of new faculty members, and the school has also welcomed a number of new students. These incoming students are among the most academically accomplished students in the school’s history.

Alysja Carlisle, a student at the South Carolina Law School, is one of the first students to receive a scholarship from the University. She plans to attend law school and use her degree to help others. She is also a member of the South Carolina women’s soccer team.

Osbelkis Perez, a law student at South Carolina Law, is drawn to the Children’s Law Program because of its commitment to advocating for children. She has a passion for justice. The law school has helped her achieve her goals. She has published five articles in the top 15 law reviews in the U.S. and is on track to be ranked in the 2022 Chambers USA Guide.

The school’s new home features state-of-the-art technology and brand new classrooms. The building will also have a first-class training facility for children’s law students. This will allow the Children’s Law Center to continue improving its efforts to protect children in South Carolina.

The law school is also celebrating a number of new faculty members who will join its faculty for the 2022-2023 academic year. These faculty members have a wide variety of experiences and have contributed to a number of thought-provoking programs. These programs are designed to challenge students’ thought processes and develop their knowledge and skills.

The school has also been able to welcome several alumni who have made history. This is the first time that an alumnus has been named the Bellow Scholar. Other alumni include I.S. Leevy Johnson ’68 and Chelsea Evans ’18. These alumni have been recognized for their exceptional achievement in the school’s academic program.

The law school has also received a generous donation from the Konduros Fisherman Fund. This donation will support the school’s efforts to promote rule of law in South Carolina and across the nation. The fund has donated more than $1 million to the law school.

The School of Law has also welcomed several new faculty members who are dedicated to teaching legal research and traditional doctrinal courses. The law school’s White Collar Practice Group has hired an associate and a bankruptcy partner. In addition, the law school’s Cybersecurity Legal Task Force will be headed by 1984 alumna Karen Painter Randall. Other new faculty members include Michael Grudberg, who is an attorney with the COVID-19 foreclosure moratorium, and Bennett Gore Jr., a clinical instructor at the law school.

The law school has also been working to improve outcomes for domestic violence victims and juveniles who may face incarceration. Law professors have been working to develop a program to help these victims.

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Online Slot News – How to Get the Most Out of Online Slot News


Several states regulate the availability of slot machines, including Indiana, Louisiana, and Illinois. These states limit the number of slot machines in bars, restaurants, and casinos. In addition, Louisiana is one of several states that restrict casinos from operating on riverboats. In other states, slot machines are limited to certain dates. In New Jersey, casinos are allowed only at hotels in Atlantic City. Similarly, Illinois allows only slot machines that are manufactured before a certain date.

Slot machines are activated by a button or lever. They accept cash and paper tickets with barcodes. Players may win a jackpot or other prize by matching symbols on the reels. The payouts are listed on the pay tables, which are usually printed on the machine face or listed in the help menu.

Symbols are generally divided into groups according to their theme. These include classic symbols like lucky sevens, fruits, and bells. Some games feature wild symbols that substitute for most of the other symbols. Wild symbols can only appear on certain reels, and they usually have a lower payout on non-natural combinations. A slot machine with a wild symbol may also feature a bonus round. These bonuses award credits for special symbols that land during the feature.

Some slot machines have interactive features, such as the Hold&Spin feature. Hold&Spin symbols stay on the screen until a new symbol appears. They may award up to 15 credits. They are typically aligned with the theme of the game.

Slot machines are usually grouped into a carousel. This is a cluster of machines, and the pay tables are usually listed on the face or the help menu. The carousel is set up to encourage gamblers to play more than one game at a time. The payouts for multiple games may be based on a fixed amount, and each game may have different odds. The payout rates for slot games are slightly above the industry average. Some slot games are known for irregular payouts, though.

Slot machines have several special features that help players win. These include the Hold&Spin feature, which awards credits for special symbols that land during the feature. They may also award a bonus round, which can award up to ten times the total of the initial bet. The bonus round may be played several times in a row.

Pragmatic Play is one of the most popular iGaming providers, and it has a huge library of slots. Its games feature striking graphics and three-dimensional feel. In addition, it offers a battery saving mode. Pragmatic also has several scratchcards and table games.

Pragmatic Play has also acquired the Megaways license, which allows them to adapt older hits and create new video slot machines. Their games have been certified fair by some of the most reputable testing labs in the world.

Pragmatic Play slots also feature quick spins and sound effects. In addition, they have themed scratchcards. They also feature a library of general highlights and tips, which players can use to improve their chances of winning.

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Online Casino News – Take Your Gambling to the Next Level With a Live Casino


Those who like to gamble can now take their favorite game to the next level by playing online. There are many games to choose from, including blackjack, roulette, and poker. The best sites provide a live stream of the table so you can watch the action. You can also chat with the dealer and place bets from your computer. It’s a more immersive experience and will let you feel like you’re in a real casino.

While online casinos have been around for quite a while, new technologies are helping to bring the casino experience closer to the real thing. For example, Optical Camera Recognition has become an established part of the live casino industry. It captures every detail of the casino’s gaming room and converts it into an electronic format. This means that the information can be captured quickly and accurately.

This technology is also finding its way into the medical and insurance fields. It can also be used to help monitor little details in the game so players can focus on big wins instead of minor errors. The technology also allows casinos to customize their rewards and promotions for individual players.

Another great thing about playing online is that you can be at home watching a Phillies game or at your favorite restaurant when you want to enjoy a little gambling. You can also take advantage of live chat operators to help you if you get stuck.

Most online casinos also offer welcome bonuses that allow you to play for free. You usually need to play a certain number of times to qualify for a bonus. In addition, you’ll need to read the terms and conditions. Many of the bonuses will also have wagering requirements.

Most of the top live casinos offer blackjack, roulette, and poker. You can also play baccarat. The process of playing is similar to playing in a brick and mortar casino. A live casino is different from a traditional online casino in that it relies on a real dealer.

You can also play video poker games such as Deuces Wild, Jokers Wild, and Ace Classic. The games are great for novice players, as well as experts. You can also play progressive side bets if you want to make extra money. You can also play games like Caribbean Stud Poker, which is a straight up five card deal.

Some live casinos also offer dual play roulette. This allows you to play with on-site players and online players at the same table. This is a growing trend among Live Casino operators.

The best live casinos will also offer the option to choose from a variety of tables within each game. You can also place bets against the house and chat with the dealer. If you’re unsure about the games, you can always check with the casino’s customer service department. In the meantime, you can also try out a free practice game.

Live casinos are also a great way to help support your local economy. The cost of running a virtual game is much lower than that of running a real casino.

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Two Types of Poker Games You May Not Have Heard Of


Amongst the many types of poker games that you can play, there are a few that you may not have heard of. If you want to learn about these games and how to play them, keep reading. In this article, we will take a look at two of the most popular poker games: Community card games and High hand games. We’ll also discuss the blinds, draw, and highest possible hand. We’ll also look at the different rules and strategies you need to be aware of if you want to play poker games successfully.

Highest possible hand

Getting the highest possible hand in poker is a difficult task. However, there are several ways you can increase your chances of achieving the top hand.

Firstly, you need to know how to compare pairs. In poker, a pair is two cards that match in rank. A pair is stronger than a straight, but is not as strong as a royal flush.

The royal flush is the highest possible hand in poker. A royal flush is a hand that combines the ace and five high cards. Royal flushes are rare and difficult to beat.


Having a good understanding of the importance of the blinds in poker is a must for winning. Without them, the game would become a boring slog.

The big blind is the first bet you make in the game, and it’s typically twice as big as the small blind. It is placed in the pot before the cards are dealt.

The small blind is placed in the pot by the player sitting left of the dealer. It’s usually half the size of the big blind. It’s important to know how to play the small blind as well as the big blind.


Whether you’re playing online or in a land-based casino, you’ll most likely encounter a draw in poker at some point. These are hands that have potential strength, but don’t quite make the grade as a high hand. Generally, they’re better suited for bluffing than playing stone cold.

The draw in poker has two main variants: a straight and a flush. A straight is a poker hand that requires a player to hold four of five cards of the same suit.

In a straight draw, it’s important to understand that the best hand isn’t always the hand with the best odds. In general, the best draw is a hand that is able to draw to a better hand by turn or river.

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The Best Business News Sources

business news

Basically, business news is about any activity that takes place in the commercial sector. This includes financial activities, economic activities and social changes. You can find it in different forms such as newspaper articles, websites, magazines, blogs and radio programs.

Stephanie Presley

Priscilla Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley, has been in the entertainment business since 1980. She has acted in numerous television shows, including The Adventures of Ford Fairlane and Those Amazing Animals. She has also been featured in three films. She co-starred with Leslie Nielsen in three Naked Gun films.

She played the role of Jenna Wade on the Dallas television series. She left the show in 1988 after five years. She went on to star with Michael Landon in the film Love is Forever. She also acted professionally on the second season of The Fall Guy.

Adam Uzialko

Among the many award-winning journalists that grace our pages, Adam Uzialko is no stranger to the business news beat. As a former reporter and blogger, he’s covered a number of topics, ranging from the evolution of EMR systems to medical billing software and public policy. He’s also an expert on SEO, public relations, and communications, and has written for numerous publications.

Katelyn Andrews

Having a background in operations and search engine optimization, Katelyn Andrews has a wide range of experience working with small business owners. As the Director of Content Marketing at Business News Daily, she has honed her skills in identifying the kinds of content that business owners are looking for. As the leader of the online neighborhood association group, she also specializes in revenue growth and brand enhancement.


Among the many financial resources available to investors, Barron’s Business News is perhaps one of the best. It provides a weekly market update and an outlook for the week to come. The magazine’s articles focus on stocks, regional banks, brewers, aerospace, solar energy, and more. The magazine is produced by Dow Jones & Company. It has been around since 1921.

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New Public Law – The Legal Realist Movement

Throughout history, the United States has been a pioneer in many different areas of the law. One of the major areas of law that is changing today is the law that is being established by the legal realist movement. This new public law has a lot to offer for the legal profession and the people that are seeking justice.

Common law in the United States

Historically, common law has played a major role in shaping the legal system of the United States. The tradition of common law has disadvantaged some communities.

Common law is based on legal precedents that are established by judges, public juries, and other judicial authorities. These legal precedents set the standard for future rulings.

The US judicial system consists of lower courts and higher courts. The higher court decisions carry more weight than the lower court decisions. The lower courts can depart from precedents if the judge finds them outdated or inapplicable.

Common law in the age of the new public law

Typically, countries that opt for the common law route are former British colonies. The United States is a prime example of this. Its civil legal system is a little different from its common law counterpart.

In a nutshell, common law is a system of rules and laws that are not legally binding and derived from a series of interpretations by judicial authorities. The rules are often less prescriptive and more flexible.

It is also more likely that the most important component of the rule book is not the rulebook itself, but rather the rules of engagement. The common law system has its qualms. For example, some jurisdictions may not recognize a given ruling as legitimate, leaving the parties to the whim.

Common law in the age of the Yonko of the New World

Historically speaking, common law is the preeminent legal system in many jurisdictions, but the civil law system abounds. The civil law system is used in several states in the southwest, notably Louisiana, where the state is once part of the French Empire. Similarly, common law has been used in several states in the American South, including Mississippi, where it is a given that slavery ruled the landscape for centuries. In short, common law has played a significant role in the legal development of these states, as well as other parts of the country.

Common law in the age of the legal realist movement

During the 1920s and 1930s, the legal realist movement became an influential force in American jurisprudence. The legal realist movement was a reaction to the formalist movement of the late 19th century. The realists rejected the formalist assumption that law was deterministic and objective. They argued that law was a contentious and uncertain subject.

The legal realist movement was an attempt to deconstruct the formalist legal theory that had been used to legitimize the modern state. Among its major figures were H. L. A. Hart, who was an analytical legal philosopher and scholar. Hart was interested in analyzing the concepts that underlie legal rules. He hoped to establish the necessary conditions for the use of concepts.

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How to Win at a Slot Machine

Whether you are new to playing slot machines or just want to learn more, there are a few tips that can help you increase your chances of winning. This article will look at symbols, ways to win, and common questions.


Unless you’ve played a slot machine, you’re probably wondering how they work. Slots have been around for decades, but only a handful of players know how they work.

Slots can come in many different forms. There are classic slots with three reels and a payline, or there are video slots with five reels and many pay lines. All slot games have a reel, though not all of them have the same number of symbols.

Some slot games feature bonuses that can trigger mini-games or free spins. These features are usually associated with certain symbols. Symbols can be stacked on the screen, giving the player an increased chance of making a winning combination. The stacked symbols also take up more space on the reels, increasing the odds of making a payline.

Ways to win

Several video slots use the way to win mechanic, but only a few utilize the 243 ways feature. The 243 ways feature allows players to win without having to pay a set amount to win.

In a 243 ways slot, any symbol that appears on the reels can generate a win. These symbols may appear randomly or may be aligned in specific positions. This is an exciting feature, especially if you can combine several matching symbols into a winning combination.

Paylines are one of the original ways to win on slot machines. They are vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines that are used to payout prizes. If you can find three matching symbols on the same line, you win a prize.

Frequently asked questions

Considering the number of casinos in Las Vegas, there is no shortage of slots to choose from. However, it is a good idea to educate yourself about the latest and greatest before you decide to drop some hard earned cash in the ring. The best casinos in Vegas are all well stocked with games in all shapes and sizes. Most will reward players with a free dinner or a free night out on the town. For instance, the Las Vegas Casino Hotel offers free rooms in the hotel’s poker room on select nights. The hotel’s other amenities include a full service spa and pool, an executive conference room and a high class dining room.

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The Different Types of Casino Games and Restaurants in Casinos

A casino is a place where you can gamble and have fun. The different types of games include table games, slots and video poker machines. There are also restaurants in casinos. It is important to choose a casino that is reputable and has a good reputation. In addition, you should check out the casino’s website to make sure that it’s a legitimate establishment.

Table games

Casino table games are games of chance where you play against a croupier on a table-like playing surface. They include poker, baccarat, and blackjack. Casino table games are usually regulated and licensed. This ensures that they are fair and not rigged. In addition, the games offered at the top-rated sites are independently audited to ensure fairness.

Slot machines

Casino slot machines require computer coded systems to operate correctly. As a result, any wins will always be followed by a long losing streak. Bonus rounds are also likely to occur multiple times over a short period of time. These bonus rounds can result in a lot of money being lost.

Video poker machines

Video poker machines are casino games that allow players to play for a fixed amount of credits. Players usually bet between one and five credits per hand. However, some machines allow bets up to ten credits. These games are becoming increasingly popular in casinos and online gambling sites.


There are many types of restaurants near casinos, from cheap pizza joints to elegant seafood establishments. In addition, you can find promotions that offer discounts during the week. Unlike normal restaurants, you won’t be paying full price for your meal, since the casino has a set frequency of payouts.

Mafia money

If you’re interested in playing casino games on your mobile device, you’re in luck. You can download Casino Mafia Money for Android as an APK file. APK stands for Android package, and it’s a common format for Android applications. To download the app, simply visit a trusted website and open it with an Android browser. The game is similar to traditional slot machines, where players insert their currency and push a spin button. Some slots are skill-based, while others are entirely based on chance.


Casino security is a way to protect both the casino and its assets from theft, violence, and other inappropriate behavior. The best casinos have several levels of security in place to ensure the safety of their patrons.

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How to Win the Lottery


Whether you’re looking to win big cash, a kindergarten spot, or a housing unit, a lottery might be just what you’re looking for. In the NBA, for instance, the worst teams enter a lottery to determine who gets to draft the best college players. The winner gets the opportunity to pick the next superstar.

Odds of winning a lottery

The odds of winning a lottery game are very low. Even if you win the jackpot, it is less likely than the odds of winning lightning. But if you want to increase your chances of winning, you can start a syndicate with your friends or coworkers. The members of the syndicate have to sign contracts stating that the prize money will be split among all of them. This prevents anyone from taking the prize money in one go.

Although the odds of winning pengeluaran sdy a lottery may not seem terribly high, it’s still worth mentioning. If you were to look at the odds of becoming the first female president of the United States or becoming Kim Kardashian, there is a much greater chance. By comparison, the odds of finding a four-leaf clover are one in 10,000, making them much less likely than winning the lottery.

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Gambling 101


Gambling is an activity in which people place a bet on a random event in the hope of winning something of value. Although there are instances when one uses strategy, this is not considered gambling. Gambling involves three essential elements: consideration, risk, and prize. If a person is going to gamble, they should know about the types of games available and the risks and rewards involved.

Information about gambling

Gambling is a social activity that has long been associated with leisure activities and holds a place in our daily lives. However, it can have negative effects on some individuals and can be harmful to a person’s health. There are various risks involved with gambling, including negative impacts on a person’s mental health and physical wellbeing, as well as the consequences on social and occupational relationships. With this in mind, gambling is receiving increased attention from public bodies and gambling operators alike. In North America, access to archives is less regulated.

Gambling is an important industry in many countries and contributes to the development of a variety of cultural and commercial sectors. The money generated by gambling is often redistributed to different organisations and charities in a country, and it also contributes to state and local finances.


There are several risks associated with gambling, including the possibility of losing money. These include gambling on scratch cards, lotteries, dice and card games, casino games, sports betting, and some internet wagering. However, there are some things you can do to reduce the risks of gambling. One of the most important things to do is to be aware of the signs of problem gambling, which can be a precursor to addiction.

One way to help reduce the risks of gambling is to provide a safe and accessible environment. Fortunately, there are a number of resources online for this purpose. Several studies have explored the risk factors for gambling addiction. However, more research is needed to understand the specific factors associated with gambling.

Legality of gambling

Legality of gambling in the United States varies from state to state. Some states have banned gambling, while others have passed laws making it legal. Federal laws haven’t prohibited gambling within state lines, but they do prohibit gambling online. If you are planning to gamble online, you should know the federal laws about online gambling and how they affect you.

While gambling is generally associated with money, it can involve anything of value. In some cases, the item of value is referred to as “consideration.” The value of the item does not need to be monetary, but it must be of some value.

Ways to stop gambling

One of the first steps in stopping gambling is to identify the causes of your problem. This can be done by writing down your triggers or by going for a walk. Once you know what is triggering your thoughts, try to distract yourself by thinking of other ways to deal with your situation. Another option is to keep busy by doing activities that don’t involve gambling.

Another way to stop gambling is to limit your exposure to social media groups that promote gambling. Getting rid of those social media sites can help you focus on your goal of quitting gambling. It can also help if you take periodic breaks from social media. You should also remember that a positive attitude is essential for success.

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What is Entertaiment?


Entertaiment is the art of presenting a show to an audience. It can be as simple as dancing or as elaborate as a movie. Choosing the right entertainer for your event can make it memorable. Look for people with a good sense of humor and who can captivate an audience. The term is typically abbreviated as entmt, and it often appears in headlines.

Art of presenting a show for an audience

When you give a presentation, the audience has to be engaged. You can engage them by describing a scene or piggybacking on a previous speaker’s remarks. You can also make your audience laugh by stating an amusing or troubling fact about them. Once you have their attention, you should state your purpose, thesis, or research question and preview your content.

Your content should make your audience want to move. This can include physical movement and sensations. If you have an audience that will sit for 40 minutes, try to inject something that will get them up and moving. This can include a case study, a prop, or a creative exercise.

Types of entertaiment

There are different types of entertainment. For example, people can watch movies and play video games. They can also listen to music or read magazines. These types of entertainment are divided into different genres. Some types of entertainment are cultural, historical, or spiritual. Some people use these types of entertainment to express their views about various issues.

Some people use entertainment as a way to relax, unwind, or escape from everyday life. It can take many forms and is a great way to bring your family closer together. Whether you’re watching a movie, playing an instrument, or playing a sport, there’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy.

Throughout history, entertainment has often been associated with hospitality. Nowadays, entertainment is used to celebrate milestone events and connect with others. Whether you’re hosting a small family reunion, an anniversary party, or a corporate event, there’s a form of entertainment that will be sure to please everyone.

Skills required for entertaiment

One of the most important skills to have when working in the entertainment industry is customer service. Not only does one need to interact with the public, but they also need to identify and resolve technical issues that arise during an event. As an entertainment manager, it is essential to have good communication skills and a warm and welcoming personality. Also, an understanding of live audio and music is helpful. While there is no “one size fits all” rule for the skills needed in this industry, these qualities are vital.

Another skill required in this industry is analytical thinking. This is critical because those working in the entertainment industry will be analyzing roles, scripts, music, and choreography. They will also be negotiating salaries and benefits with potential employees. By developing this skill, a person can make sure that the company receives the best deals possible and that everyone involved is satisfied.

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Sports Betting Laws

sports betting

Sports betting is a legal business. There are laws to prevent sports gambling, and these laws are different in each state. For example, Delaware and New York have not yet legalized sports betting. But many other states are moving toward legalization. Here are some of the issues that you should consider when betting on sports. The NFL and MLB have proposed laws that would require sportsbooks to pay to get official league data.

Legalization of sports betting in Delaware

Earlier this year, Delaware became the first state outside of Nevada to legalize sports betting. This came as a result of the Supreme Court ruling that declared the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) unconstitutional. New Jersey narrowly missed out on this distinction because it has also pursued legal action to repeal PASPA. Last year, Delaware handled more than $20 million in sports wagers. The state also welcomed the launch of a legal online sportsbook in November.

Legal sports betting in Delaware began as a lottery. It has since expanded into a single game wagering system. Delaware also has three “racinos” (racetracks with casino games) with licensed sportsbooks. The state’s sports betting laws clearly define what types of betting are permitted. In addition to the sportsbook, Delaware also allows for bingo and pari-mutuel wagering. Additionally, licensed racetracks are allowed to hold simulcasts of horse races.

Legalization of sports betting in Nevada

Nevada has a long history of sports wagering, as the state’s law was the first to legalize sports betting in the US. Since then, Nevada has been the hub of sports betting in the country. The state has set an example for other states in how to regulate their sports betting operations. It recently approved regulations for esports betting competitions. These regulations will now go before the Nevada Gaming Control Board for final approval.

Nevada also regulates daily fantasy sports (DFS) and sports pools. In 2015, Nevada’s attorneys general made it mandatory for DFS operators to acquire a gaming license. However, this regulation forced many operators to leave Nevada. While most major daily fantasy sports players have pulled out of Nevada, DraftKings and FanDuel have reiterated their commitment to Nevada. Following the Golden Nugget’s acquisition, DraftKings plans to open a new office in the state.

Legalization of sports betting in New York

A bill to legalize sports betting in New York was introduced in 2009. The bill was aimed at off-track betting facilities and horse tracks. A portion of the sports betting revenues would be allocated to tax relief for residents living near the betting facilities. However, the bill was not passed. Despite its introduction, the bill failed to gain traction.

Legalization of sports betting in New York will allow bettors to wager on sports games without the need to leave their state. The state had already legalized in-person sports betting in 2013, but the legislature did not pass a bill allowing for online sports betting until April 2021. The state legislature’s budget for the state in 2021 includes a plan to legalize online sports betting.

Sports betting in New York is expected to begin in January 2022. The New York Gaming Commission has published a list of applicants who have submitted their applications for a sports betting license. Nine sportsbooks are expected to enter the market once it begins operating. These include FanDuel, DraftKings, BetMGM, Bally Bet, Caesars, Wyn Interactive, and PointsBet.

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Celebrity Gossip at the Daily News

daily news

The Daily News has been struggling with financial problems for decades, but it has won eleven Pulitzer Prizes and features a celebrity gossip section. The paper is an American institution with a storied history. Its large and prominent photographs highlight stories about people, celebrities, events and places. In addition, the paper includes classified ads, cartoons, opinion and sports sections.

The Daily News has been in financial trouble for decades

The Daily News was once one of the country’s most influential tabloids and one of the largest newspapers by circulation, but it has been mired in financial trouble for decades. The paper’s owners, Tribune Publishing, cut staff by half in 2018 and announced it would close its New York City offices by 2020.

As newspaper sales have dwindled and the cost of advertising grows, the newspaper’s business model has become more difficult to sustain. As a result, it’s been forced to implement drastic cost-cutting measures, which include reducing staff, eliminating benefits, and cutting editorial staff.

It has won 11 Pulitzer Prizes

The Daily News has been the recipient of 11 Pulitzer Prizes, the most of any newspaper. The Pulitzer Prizes are awarded to outstanding journalism in seven categories. In 1917, newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer left his estate to establish the awards. His will also established the School of Journalism at Columbia University. The Pulitzers are among the most prestigious journalism awards in the world.

The Pulitzers are awarded for breaking news photography, investigative reporting and special reporting. The Daily News’ photographers have won awards in several categories. A recent photo series involving violent clashes between police and protesters in Hong Kong was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for photography. A second photography prize went to the Associated Press. Two of the winning photographs covered racial injustice protests in the U.S. and a coronavirus pandemic in Spain. One photographer, Emilio Morenatti, won for his photo series on the impact of COVID-19 on the elderly in Spain.

It has a celebrity gossip section

Daily news has always had a celebrity gossip section, but it has been getting more raunchy and outrageous in recent years. While it’s understandable to have some interest in celebrity gossip, you might be surprised at the level of personal information this section can churn out. For instance, a couple’s breakup is a frequent topic in the gossip section.

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The Basic Variations of Poker


The game of poker is a gambling game in which players make bets to win the pot. Each player must ante for a certain amount, which varies depending on the game. Players then place their bets in the center of the table, and the player with the best hand wins. Betting is done in clockwise order. There are three betting options in poker: fold, raise, and call.

Five-card draw

The five-card draw is one of the most basic variants of poker. It is the basis for video poker and is often the first variant that new players learn. It is most commonly played at home and is not often played in tournaments or casinos. However, it is still a popular choice for players who want to learn the rules of poker.

In Five-card draw poker, the aim is to build the best five-card combination. This can be achieved by having the best hand or by bluffing your opponent. Knowing the rules and strategies will help you maximize your chances of winning the game. For example, if you have an ace, you can use it to make a better hand. However, if you don’t have an ace, you can use it to create a flush.

Depending on the rank of each card, the highest card is considered the winner. However, the highest card can be a high or low card. When two players have two pairs of the same rank, they are compared to see which one is higher. The highest-ranked card will be compared first. If the two pairs do not match, then the highest card wins.

Seven-card stud

Seven-card stud poker is a variation of stud poker. In this variation, players are dealt seven cards, three of which are up and two of which are down. After the fifth and sixth cards, players exchange cards and place a bet. The player with the highest five-card poker hand wins the pot. Seven-card stud poker is usually played at a fixed limit. However, players can bet more than one unit per hand.

There have been a number of big wins in seven-card stud poker, as well as a number of big comeback stories. One of the most famous is Tom Koral’s comeback. The former professional poker player competed for thirteen years at the World Series of Poker. He finally broke through and won a $1,500 Seven Card Stud tournament. He was awarded a poker bracelet and nearly a million dollars in cash.

Deuces wild

Deuces Wild is a fun and exciting poker game that is easy to learn and play. It is easy to play but also very competitive. The value of a pair of deuces is similar to that of a three of a kind or a straight flush. Although the value of a pair of deuces is low, it is still a strong hand to make.

However, when you play Bonus Deuces Wild, your odds of making a straight flush are reduced. Instead of getting ten coins for a straight flush, you will earn nine or eight coins instead. These reductions will reduce the overall payback percentage. Hence, you should always check the pay table before playing any game.

When playing Deuces Wild, always remember to play fast, but also make sure you do not make mistakes. The best strategy to use is to make as many winning hands as you can in a short amount of time. You should also try not to get distracted with other games.

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Business News Daily and Podcast

business news

If you’re looking for an industry-specific list, then this business news daily may be a great resource. In addition to Business News Daily, you can also check out a Business News Daily Book of Lists or a Business News Daily Podcast. If you want to stay on top of the latest business news, these list-makers also offer expert analysis of industry trends and topics.

Business News Daily

As the Director of Content Marketing at Business News Daily, Katelyn Andrews has over a decade of experience in content marketing for small business owners. With a background in operations and search engine optimization, she has honed her skills to identify the kinds of content business owners are looking for. In addition to her work at Business News Daily, she enjoys playing guitar and listening to audiobooks.

Before joining Business News Daily, Stephanie worked in the editorial industry as a copy editor. She has edited thousands of pieces of business and tech content. Previously, she edited the consumer-tech digital publication Top Ten Reviews and fiction manuscripts for Glass Spider Publishing. She holds an English degree with an emphasis in creative writing. During her undergraduate studies, she served as a copy chief and managing editor of a campus newspaper.

Book of Lists

The Book of Lists is an industry-specific directory that includes the names of key decision-makers and contact information for companies. The publication is published annually and distributed to more than 50 cities nationwide. This directory is ideal for business leaders seeking industry-specific leads, as it offers a convenient, recurring format with a year-round exposure.

The Book of Lists is a complementary resource to Business News’ suite of business intelligence products. Its curated list of influential people and companies in Western Australia is considered the most comprehensive and accurate in the country. The publication’s database is based on more than two decades of data collected from 25,000 C-suite executives and their businesses.

The Book of Lists is an indispensable resource for local business professionals. With more than 80 pages of hard-to-find information and 30 business lists, this directory provides key information on the most influential people, organizations, and industries in the area. Whether you’re looking for new clients, scouting competitors, or studying the market, the Book of Lists will help you stay one step ahead.


Listening to a business news podcast can be a great way to stay informed about the latest trends in the business world. Many podcasts offer a wide variety of information, from in-depth interviews to expert opinion. One podcast series features interviews with top industry figures. Other shows focus on topics like new technology and social media.

One such podcast is Pivot from Vox Media. Its hosts break down complicated topics into easy-to-understand chunks. The episodes cover a variety of topics, from the demise of CNN+ to Netflix’s new advertising model. Some of the topics discussed are particularly interesting, but the podcast lacks technical detail. Another flaw is the host’s tendency to treat top investors like demi-gods.

Creating a podcast can help you establish your expert status in your field. You become a thought leader and a trusted source. It can also help you build a brand by connecting with your listeners and providing them with the information they are looking for.

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Three New Relationships Between Law and Social Science

law new

If you are thinking about pursuing a career in law, one of the best ways to get started is to apply to law school. The process of getting accepted to a top law school can be difficult. It is critical that you demonstrate academic excellence and balance in your life to be considered. Tulane University’s acceptance rate is only 1 out of every five applicants. So, you cannot afford to slack off. But the program at Tulane is well-regarded and offers a good start to your legal career. Moreover, the campus is beautiful and the alumni are active.

Prescriptive scholarship

In prescriptive scholarship, law students write pieces to teach others what to do. They may be descriptive or prescriptive, but they must present a comprehensive body of knowledge and relevant facts to recommend an action. This type of scholarship can have many purposes in law school and beyond, such as helping students improve their own skills and knowledge in the subject matter.

The length of these pieces must be substantial and the scope should be broad. Nonetheless, short pieces are also valuable. For example, a brief piece about a pedagogical innovation can be deemed “substantive” as long as it describes the theoretical underpinnings of the pedagogical technique.

Social science

A new relationship is forming between social science and law. This book explores this relationship and explains how social science is being applied to legal problems and issues. It also examines how social science is shaping legal thought. It is an important book for all students and scholars of law. Here are three examples of the relationship between law and social science.

The relationship between law and social science is complex, but law and social science can benefit each other. The legal system relies on social science to provide answers and to analyze issues that affect it. This collection of essays explores the challenges involved in translating research from social science to law. The contributors take a multi-disciplinary approach to their work, including an ‘insider” perspective, a study of legal language, and an analysis of empirical examples.

Common law

Common law is the body of law that governs the rights and duties of individuals and entities. It has a long history and has been an important stabilizing force for civilization. Unlike civil law, which largely relies on judicial discretion and is more uncertain, the common law has evolved into a much more predictable and reliable system. By adhering to the principle of stare decisis, judges have been able to create an incredibly consistent body of case law.

Common law is also much more malleable than statutory law. The courts do not bind themselves by precedent and may be able to change the law to reflect new trends. While common law changes gradually, statutory law changes are usually drastic and often disrupt the legal system.

Legal realists

Legal realism has a rich and varied history, but this new incarnation of the philosophy has global ambitions and a unique perspective. This new approach is based on legal realists’ long-standing commitment to social science and law, and it highlights the potential of a nonstatist approach to law. However, this new approach also brings several challenges.

New Legal Realism draws from the pragmatist traditions of the first half of the twentieth century, but expands upon these traditions to study law in our everyday lives. It applies interdisciplinary social science methods and focuses on the experiences of laypeople and legal professionals with the legal system. Unlike its older predecessor, new legal realism combines empirical evidence and social science methodologies to answer pressing questions about law and legal institutions.

Catholic law school

The Columbus School of Law at the Catholic University of America offers a J.D. program that takes three years to complete full-time or four years part-time. The curriculum consists of required core courses, strong recommendations and elective options, and a total of 84 credits are required for the J.D. degree. Some of the core courses are Constitutional Law II, Professional Responsibility, Professional Skills, and Upper-Level Writing. Additionally, students must complete a Transition-to-Practice requirement, which can be satisfied by taking a clinical course or completing a capstone course. Other foundational courses include Evidence, Corporations, and Criminal Procedure.

Students who choose to attend the Catholic University Law School should be aware of the high cost of the education. While Catholic Law School costs significantly more than other law schools, it is a major advantage for the students in many ways. The student-faculty ratio is favorable, and the diversity of students is above average. However, students should keep in mind that class sizes vary greatly and a smaller law school will mean more individual attention from professors.

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How to Calculate the House Edge of a Slot Machine


When playing slots, you have to keep an eye out for various tricks. One of the most common tricks is to try and increase the payoff by using extra coins. However, this can cause your machine to stop paying. This is because slot machines are supposed to be random. In addition, you may find out that it is not possible to beat the house edge.

Theme of slot machines

There are many variations of slot machines, from the classic fruit machines to those themed around the Mayan civilization or ancient Egypt. They also come with different looks and sound effects, and some are even based on popular movies or cartoons. Other popular themes include the animal kingdom, where you can play games featuring dolphins and the African savanna.

The original fruit slot machines were based on the theme of fruit, with a variety of fruit as symbols. The theme evolved over time, and it is now possible to play fruit machines anywhere. Symbols featured in fruit slots include cherries, plums, and pineapples.

Theme of bonus rounds

Bonus rounds in slots are special features that are triggered whenever a winning combination is formed. While some bonus rounds are just special sessions of free spins, others may contain modifications to the winning combination, such as multipliers, or increased frequency of certain symbols. Still, others use a “hold and re-spin” mechanism, wherein certain symbols are locked in place for a limited number of spins.

Bonus rounds in slots come in a variety of themes. These include games on the second screen or free spins. For example, the popular Enchanted slot has a fairy-tale setting and 5 reels. While this slot doesn’t have a progressive jackpot, it does have a generous number of free spins. Another popular free spins game is Crazy Hats Crazy Reels, which allows players to re-spin three reels at a time.

House edge of a slot machine

The House edge of a slot demo machine is the percentage of your winnings that the house takes from each bet. This percentage varies from game to game. Some slot machines take 1% of every bet, while others take up to 15%. It’s difficult to know exactly how much the house is taking, but the R script below shows how you can calculate the house edge of a slot machine.

The house edge is a mathematical percentage that gives the casino a slight advantage over its customers. It is one of the strongest evidences of casino fraud. Many people believe that casinos use underhanded means to rob people of their money. But the truth is that the house edge is a defense mechanism to protect the casino from players who are not lucky or have bad strategy.

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What You Need to Know About Casinos


A casino is a place where you can gamble. These gambling establishments enforce their security measures with cameras and rules of conduct. Players at card games, for example, must keep their cards visible at all times. There are also certain superstitions associated with casinos. This article will discuss some of them. Read on to find out what you need to know about casinos.

Intensity of gambling

The term ‘intensity of gambling in casinos’ has different meanings for different researchers, but it refers to the amount of time and money people spend gambling in casino games. The issue has become more important in recent years, as researchers in many jurisdictions have had access to behavioural tracking data.

Researchers found a relationship between gambling intensity and problem gambling. Intense gambling may be more closely linked to problem gambling than is high involvement. High intensity may also be a more direct measure of problem gambling than is high involvement.

Location of casinos

The location of casinos is often a major concern for home buyers. In particular, proximity to casinos is an important factor for more expensive homes. Nevertheless, a number of factors affect the location of casinos. Here are some factors to consider when deciding where to locate a casino. You can click on a casino name to view photographs and more details. You can also use the hotel reservation link to make a reservation. However, you must be aware of the regulations and costs associated with gambling.

Location data is useful for casinos as it allows them to segment their guests. Using geofencing, casinos can find out the location of their potential customers and their loyalty level. This will help them target their offers and drive resort visits.

Games offered

Online casinos offer a wide range of games. These can include blackjack, roulette, baccarat, slots, scratch tickets, and arcade games. Some are played for fun while others offer prizes for players who spend a certain amount. However, you should check the terms of service to make sure that you don’t overspend. Some casinos also offer loyalty bonuses, which allow players to win free merchandise and tournament entries.

The quality of games is an important factor. If you like to play blackjack and slots, for example, you may want to avoid a casino that only offers slots. Another important consideration is location. If you live in a rural area, you may not have easy access to a major city-based casino.

Superstitions associated with casinos

If you are a gambler, you are probably aware of the superstitions associated with casinos. For instance, it is unlucky to gamble with a $50 bill, as some gamblers believe that it will bring bad luck. This superstition dates back to the days when the mafia ruled Las Vegas. It was common practice for mobsters to tuck $50 bills in their victims’ jackets.

Other superstitions associated with casinos are about playing by certain rules or rituals. In some Asian casinos, for instance, players are not allowed to enter through the front door, as they believe it will bring bad luck. In addition to that, some players also recite an optimistic hymn before they spin the roulette wheel. Other players cover the roulette monitor when they spin the wheels. Many of these superstitions have their roots in history, dating back as far as pre-Christian times. For example, in Western Europe, crossing your fingers is considered a sign of luck. Early Christians also invented hand gestures to recognize fellow Christians.

Cost of gambling

The cost of legalized gambling in the United States has tended to fall on the taxpayers. According to one study, taxpayers pay roughly three dollars for every dollar of gambling-related revenue. Some estimates even go higher. These costs include criminal justice costs, social service expenses, and lost productivity. However, there are some benefits of legalized gambling.

Problem gamblers often lose their jobs. According to Gamblers Anonymous, one-fourth to one-third of its members lose their jobs as a result of their gambling addiction. One study found that an average gambler cost employers more than $1,300 in lost labor each month.

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The Risks of Playing the Lottery


A lottery is a form of gambling that raises money. It is a multimillion dollar business run by state governments. The winning numbers are drawn to decide the winners of large cash prizes. While the lottery is a great source of entertainment, it can also be an addictive form of gambling. There are many different types of lottery games and the rules and regulations vary by jurisdiction.

Lottery is a gambling game that raises money

A lottery is a gambling game that is held for the purpose of raising money. It can be used to fund any number of things, from housing units to kindergarten placements. It can also result in large cash prizes. In fact, the National Basketball Association uses a lottery to choose its draft picks. This gives the winning team the chance to select the best college talent available.

It is an addictive form of gambling

Although lotteries are a form of gambling, they raise money for many worthwhile projects. However, they can also be extremely addictive and can have detrimental effects on a person’s life. This article discusses the risks of playing the lottery and the benefits of avoiding it altogether. Also, we’ll take a look at how lottery gambling has been abused in the past.

It is run by state governments

State governments are the largest recipients of lottery proceeds, taking around a third of each jackpot. But the amount of revenue these lotteries generate is not nearly as large as the amount they receive from corporate taxes. While 44 states have lottery programs, only 11 have more revenue from gambling than they do from corporate taxes. Many critics say this transfers the burden of taxation from the wealthy to the poor.

It is run by sports franchises

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court ruled that sports franchises have the right to run their own lotteries. Currently, nine states in the U.S. have lottery regulators that oversee the sports betting industry. However, other states are considering the possibility of legalizing sports betting, including Delaware, Montana and Washington.

It pays lump sums instead of annual payments

The togel hk can pay lump sums instead of annual payments for people who win large amounts of money. These payouts are typically around 40 to 50 percent of the total jackpot and can be used immediately to eliminate debt or improve lifestyle. They can also be invested for future growth and can even form the basis of a substantial estate if they are used wisely. However, before investing, it is important to consider the risks of investing large sums of money. This is where hiring a Certified Financial Planner is a wise idea.

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What Are the Odds of Winning When Gambling?


If you have a child who loves to gamble, it is important to educate them about the odds. Explain to them that there is no real guarantee of winning, and to compare the odds to other types of chances. Children should also understand that the companies that provide gambling opportunities make more money than the people who gamble on them. Otherwise, they would not remain in business. For some people, gambling is a way to relieve boredom or stress.

Odds of winning

You might be wondering: What are the odds of winning when gambling? The odds of winning when gambling depend on the game you play, the casino you play at, and your personal luck. You will have the best chances of winning in roulette or blackjack, which are the easiest games to play at a casino.

Ways to reduce the edge

Among the ways to reduce the house edge while gambling is to memorize the rules of the basic games. This will help you spot any unusual rules and minimize the house edge. Also, most casino variations are designed to favor the house, so playing only the basic games will help you reduce the secondary house edge.

It’s not possible to know the rules of every casino game, so you have to be sensible in choosing games in the casino. Casino employees will be glad to tell you the House Edge of every game they play, and they’ll also point out where it comes from. The house advantage is the percentage of money the casino claims to make off losing players.

Legal forms of gambling in the United States

Legal forms of gambling in the United States include sports betting, gambling at casinos, and poker. Most states have laws that govern these activities. Some states even allow online gambling. However, these activities must not conflict with federal laws. In order to be considered legal, a gambling activity must be conducted with a clear intent to benefit the person involved.

While there is no federal law that criminalizes mere play, states have their own laws regarding illegal gambling. Many states consider gambling to be a misdemeanour and criminalize its promotion. The penalties for illegal gambling can be severe, with five years in prison for violating the Wire Act, as well as up to twenty years in jail under federal anti-money laundering statutes.

Tax implications of gambling income

Whether you win big or lose, the tax implications of gambling income can vary from person to person. You should consult a tax professional to determine your specific situation. This professional will be able to help you comply with the laws and take advantage of tax reform deductions. However, you should always keep detailed records of your gambling activity.

Gambling income can affect your eligibility for government benefits, including Social Security taxes. However, the losses you incur in gambling are deductible. As such, you can take advantage of the standard deduction of $12,000 for single filers, thereby reducing your taxable income.

Compulsive gambling

Compulsive gambling is a very serious problem that can destroy a person’s life. It is also challenging to treat, but many people have found help. While casual gamblers stop when they have lost, compulsive gamblers continue to play, often at the expense of other assets. They may even resort to theft and fraud to fund their gambling addiction. While some people may experience periods of remission, it usually isn’t long-term and a person can relapse many times.

Treatment can include outpatient or residential programs. The goal of treatment is to help a person break the habit without harming other aspects of their life. Gamblers should also consider seeking counseling with a mental health provider or sponsor.

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GM Tune Time’s Promise


Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is the mean solar time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London. It’s often referred to as “Greenwich Mean Time”, but is calculated in a variety of ways. As such, it can’t be used to specify a specific time without context.

GM Tune Time’s Promise

The new GM Tune Time’s Promise film aims to educate viewers on how the company comes up with and develops GM vehicle performance software. This documentary features footage from GM’s design and engineering teams working on various vehicle models. It also features off-road tuning in Moab, Utah, and snow testing in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Besides these locations, the film also features inside footage of the GM Design building and Global Technical Center in Warren, Michigan, as well as their proving grounds in Yuma, Arizona and Milford, Michigan.

Greenwich Mean Time

Greenwich Mean Time is the solar time measured at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London. It is the mean solar time, calculated from midnight. However, it has been calculated differently in the past, and cannot be used to determine a specific time without context.

GMT -5

In a world where time zones are measured in UTC distance, it is common to find time zones that differ by five hours. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is a time zone that is eight hours ahead of Alaskan Standard Time. Other time zones have a positive or negative offset from Greenwich.

UT2 was re-labelled UT0 from 1 January 1956

The UTC code for this station is M@D$J5. This code is equivalent to $-4&XA or $-4&X.

Converting GMT to other time zones

The Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is the official time reference used throughout the world. It was created in 1972 to replace Greenwich Mean Time. It is often represented by the abbreviations UTC and GMT. The “-5h” refers to a time zone that is five hours behind or ahead of UTC. This time zone converter can help you calculate the local time in other time zones.

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The Importance of Education


Education plays a very important role in the development of a person. It not only provides knowledge and skills but also helps to shape the individual’s moral values and behavior. It also helps to combat poverty and bring equality in society. Education also provides a channel for the decision-making capacities of the citizens. Only through education is development possible in different fields. Education prepares the children for the future and develops self-reliant and independent individuals in all areas of life.

Education is a process of facilitating learning

Education is a process that facilitates learning, allowing students to develop knowledge, skills, attitudes, beliefs, and habits. This can be achieved through teaching methods that include storytelling, discussion, and directed research. Teachers help students learn how to ask questions and think critically, which are necessary for their success.

It involves acquiring knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits

Education is a process in which a person acquires knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and other habits to become a successful adult. Traditionally, education has been the result of formal institutions with teachers who impart knowledge. But today, education is a much more holistic process, encompassing many areas.

It prepares people to confront and contribute to a rapidly changing world

Education prepares people to contribute to a rapidly changing world and confront challenges that may not be visible today. It must focus on nurturing passions, problem-solving abilities, and higher-level thinking skills. Achieving this requires collaboration between students, educators, and communities.

It enhances social and moral values of a person

Value education is an important part of education because it teaches a person the right values and ethics. It gives a student a sense of purpose and helps them become better versions of themselves. In our society today, where crime and illiteracy rates are increasing, education is important in creating a more positive attitude. Value education teaches the importance of patience, empathy, tolerance, and honesty.

It helps in eradicating poverty and bringing equality in society

Education is a great tool to reduce poverty and inequality. It empowers people of all backgrounds with new skills and abilities. When people get a quality education, they can compete in the labour market. This creates more demand and jobs, which helps the economy grow.

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