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business news

Business News is the area of journalism that tracks, records and analyzes the commercial, economic and financial activities and changes in societies. This type of reporting typically includes business-related topics, such as the financial performance of a company, the success or failure of new businesses, and the effects of government policies on local businesses. The practice of business journalism has been around for centuries, with early examples including the 1700s novelist Daniel Defoe and the 1882 founding of Wall Street’s Charles Dow newspaper. Traditionally, business journalism is also known as financial journalism.

A business is an organization that produces goods and/or provides a service in exchange for profit. In order to be considered a business, an entity must meet certain criteria including a continuous flow of products/services, an ongoing relationship with customers and a focus on profit. In addition, all businesses must adhere to a code of ethics in order to maintain their status as a legitimate enterprise.

The most common source of business news is newspapers. These publications often feature sections dedicated to business news and can be found in print and online. Some of the most popular business newspapers include The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and The New York Times.

Another prominent form of business news is television and radio news programs. These media outlets often feature special segments devoted to business, with some even offering live coverage of major events in the industry.

The Internet has also become an important source of business news, with websites dedicated to providing updates and analysis on the latest trends in the market. These sites are usually run by individuals who specialize in the field and have a deep understanding of the changing market conditions. Some of these websites are also known as business blogs.

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