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Newspaper is a printed publication consisting of news and feature articles, often containing photographs and comics. It is typically published on a regular basis (daily or weekly) with a general focus on local, national and international politics, business and economy, crime, weather and natural disasters, health and medicine, science and technology, sports and entertainment and other current events. In addition, newspapers typically contain advertising and classified ads.

Historically, daily news was the dominant form of mass media, but as other forms of electronic media came to prominence in the 1980s and 1990s, newspapers’ market penetration declined, especially for local news. By the early 21st century, some newspapers were reporting that they had lost all or nearly all of their market share.

The Great Lakes Daily News is a curated collection of news articles that highlight Great Lakes issues, primarily from professional media outlets across the United States and Canada. It is produced by the Great Lakes Commission and distributed to members of the Great Lakes community via a daily email digest.

Founded in 1878, the Yale Daily News is the oldest college daily newspaper still in print. The paper is financially and editorially independent and publishes Monday through Friday during the academic year. It also produces several special issues each year including the Yale-Harvard game day issue, the Commencement Issue and the First Year Issue.

This page provides daily IAS current affairs analysis and news for UPSC aspirants. It also covers a variety of other topics that are relevant to the civil services exam. This includes news on India’s economic growth and the progress of various government initiatives like Make in India, Digital India and Start up India. It also provides detailed coverage of scientific research and innovations, as well as the impact that these have on the human population.

In many countries with large populations of migrants or tourists, it is common for newspapers to be published in languages other than the national language. In the US state of Florida, for example, so many tourists from the French-speaking Canadian province of Quebec visit during the winter (known as “snowbirds”) that many newsstands and stores carry newspapers in their native tongue.

ASCO is committed to maintaining the integrity of its publications and does not allow advertising to influence editorial content. However, as a non-profit organization, ASCO does sell advertising space in its publications and on its website to help support its mission. ASCO’s policies and practices are designed to ensure that these conflicts of interest do not impact the integrity of its scientific publications or website. For additional information, please review the ASCO Policy on Conflicts of Interest. ASCO will continue to strive for transparency in all its activities, publications and events. This is a work in progress and we welcome your feedback on how we can further improve. Please use the contact information below to submit your comments and questions. Thank you for your support of ASCO.

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