GM Tunetime is 7 Hours Ahead of UTC


You probably know that gmtunetime is 6 hours ahead of Mountain Time and 7 hours ahead of Pacific Time. But did you know that it is also 7 hours ahead of UTC? You should know this information to be able to set your clocks correctly. Besides the United Kingdom, other territories that follow GMT time zone include the Canary Islands and Faroe Islands.

7 hours ahead of Pacific Time

The Pacific Standard Time zone is one hour ahead of Alaska Time, one hour ahead of Hawaii, and two hours behind the Central and Eastern Time Zones. It is three hours behind the Atlantic Time Zone and four hours ahead of White Salmon. It switches to daylight time on the first Sunday of April and back to LST on the last Sunday of October.


Since 2008, Moroccans have switched back to GMT+01 time, but this decision has not been without controversy. Although the government defended the switch as a measure to save energy, Moroccans complain about the confusion caused by the new time zone.

Setting a GMT watch to gmtunetime

You can set your GMT watch to GMT time by rotating the bezel. When the bezel is turned, the hands will automatically align with the corresponding hour of your local time. Alternatively, you can set the watch to tell time in another time zone.

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