Law New for Lawyers – What’s Hot and What’s Not

Law is a field that changes fast. What works one year may not be as effective the next. And it’s not just clients that get frustrated with the ever changing legal landscape; lawyers themselves are faced with new ideas and concepts at every turn. One idea that is gaining steam is “law new,” which can mean anything from a different approach to legal services to working with underserved communities. The idea is that this type of practice can provide a unique opportunity for firms to generate revenue and offer help that would be impossible or difficult in a more traditional setting.

California lawmakers and Gov. Gavin Newsom have rolled out a batch of laws this year. Some are minor fixes to laws already enacted, while others could make a noticeable impact on people’s daily lives.

The law will ban the “pink tax” on certain products sold to women, like shampoos and other personal care items. The bill aims to fight gender bias by requiring stores and other businesses to charge the same price for identical goods regardless of whether they are marketed to men or women.

The City’s new data breach law will make it mandatory for government agencies to disclose breaches involving private information of individuals to affected residents, the City’s Chief Privacy Officer, and the Office of Cyber Command. This is a significant expansion from current City law, which requires such disclosures only to the NYPD.

A licensing scheme for third-party food delivery services. The City will require such services to obtain a license in order to operate within the City. The City will deny or refuse to renew a license, or suspend or revoke a license, if a third-party food delivery service violates the provisions of this bill.

While this type of practice is a small part of the overall legal industry, it has the potential to grow dramatically as a way for lawyers to work with clients and offer help that might be impractical or impossible in a traditional setting. Using this concept can provide a valuable source of revenue for any legal firm and also help it to diversify its offerings.

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