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The national news magazine that keeps litigators current on recent legal trends and offers analysis and insights on important issues. The magazine covers the full spectrum of law, with articles and interviews on everything from court opinions and verdicts to regulatory developments and corporate deals. The magazine also publishes a range of practice guides and offers its readers a daily newsletter. Law new is available in print and online on Bloomberg Law.

State and local laws are often a key source of government policy, and law new covers legislation in all forms from the New York Constitution to the laws passed by Congress and periodically codified in the New York Consolidated Laws to decisions by New York courts. It also includes coverage of local laws, including city councils, village boards, town board of trustees and school boards, as well as the committees and subcommittees that make up those entities.

Once a bill has been introduced in either the House of Representatives or the Senate, it will be assigned to a committee. That committee will research the bill, discuss it with other members of the committee, and may make changes to it before it is voted on by the full body of the chamber. The committee’s report on the bill is an essential part of its history. If the bill is voted on and approved, it becomes a law known as a statute.

As California struggles with high gas prices, legislators are working to hold big oil accountable for price gouging. One way they’re doing so is by expanding the power of state watchdogs to include investigations of market or price manipulation. Another is by increasing the speed of the process to get permits and meet housing goals.

Syracuse University College of Law will host two first-of-its-kind intercollegiate trial advocacy competitions in the 2024-2025 academic year. The Syracuse Deposition Competition and the National Military Trial Competition introduce students to trial advocacy in specialized areas that are not widely offered in other universities. These competitions join five other hosted Syracuse Law competitions and further the college’s mission to offer law students a full array of opportunities for leadership and growth in trial advocacy.

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