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A new law in New York has made it easier for people to get a license to carry a handgun. It also increased the training requirements for applicants and added a long list of “sensitive places” where firearms are banned. However, it still requires applicants to show that they have good moral character.

This is an improvement from previous New York law that limited the number of times a gun could be carried in public. In addition, it included a requirement to keep a list of social media accounts. With this information, the State Department could screen applicants and issue handgun permits.

There are many examples of legal innovation. Some law firms are using new technologies to help them deliver services at reduced costs. Others are leveraging their expertise to help clients better meet their needs. The underlying idea is that innovations are good for both the consumer and the legal service provider. But in order to be effective, innovation must be recognized by the consumer.

Legal Innovation has become a buzzword in the profession. Even some confirmed Luddites concede that the industry is changing. While a few lawyers remain rooted in the old dispensation, most aren’t. They recognize that the world has changed and that they must adapt.

Some of the most innovative law schools are incorporating technology to improve the experience of their students. Law school clinics and student organizations are introducing new ways to meet client needs. Using web-based applications has transformed the lives of many students. Many have begun to start their own student organizations. And some have achieved high placements in Moot Court competitions.

Seton Hall University School of Law is preparing to launch a new program that will enable children in fifth and sixth grades to learn about legal issues such as privacy, bullying and cyberbullying. This program will include lectures for parents and students. As part of this initiative, the Institute for Privacy Protection at Seton Hall Law will also host a workshop on the excessive use of technology by kids.

Another example is the new Center for Human Rights and Global Justice at New York University School of Law. This will expand the school’s clinical programs and publishing activities. For instance, professors will be teaching in 14 locations across the Midlands.

The school also has a student-run organization, the NYU Law Social Enterprise and Startup Law Group, which works to explore the role of lawyers in these spaces. One of the members of the organization is Professor Jacob Elberg, who specializes in health care fraud.

Also in the news is the School of Law’s Children’s Law Center, which will provide a first-class teaching space for children’s law. It will improve efforts to protect children. Finally, the school has a new scholarship to improve outcomes for domestic violence victims.

Another exciting development is the announcement of a new named professorship for the upcoming academic year. David Beasley, who attended the University of South Carolina as a student, will lead the profession into the future.

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