New York Laws – What is Law New?

Law new is a term that describes laws proposed, debated, and passed by Congress or other legislative bodies. Laws created through this process are called bills and become public laws (also known as statutes) if they are approved by Congress and signed by the President. Laws include laws passed by the New York state legislature and codified in the New York Consolidated Laws, and decisions made by courts that interpret New York law.

Mandates that City agencies disclose data breaches involving persons’ private identifying information to the Chief Privacy Officer, and to the NYPD’s Office of Cyber Command, as well as to affected individuals; this bill makes the City’s privacy notification requirements more consistent with those of the State. Read the full bill.

Requires the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection to prepare a notice about federal and State student loan forgiveness programs for City agencies to provide to their employees and job applicants. Read the full bill.

Requires licensing for third-party food delivery services and repeals subchapter 22 of chapter 5 of title 20 of the Administrative Code relating to existing laws regulating these services. Read the full bill.

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