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Daily news is a collection of headlines in various categories such as business, sports, technology and world news. The headlines can be sorted in alphabetical order or by date. The actual reports can be read or viewed, and each article also has an accompanying title. This allows for quick reference or a general overview of the day’s news by category.

During the 1920s, the New York Daily News became a household name in much of the United States thanks to its sensational pictorial coverage and willingness to go a little further than its competitors in search of an attention-grabbing front page. The paper emphasized political wrongdoing (such as the Teapot Dome Scandal) and social intrigue (such as Wallis Simpson’s romance with King Edward VIII). It was an early user of the Associated Press wirephoto service and built a substantial staff of photographers, resulting in the newspaper being referred to as “the brassy, pictorial New York Daily News led all the rest.”

In 1975, the New York Daily News rolled out what would become its most famous headline in its then 56-year history. Following President Gerald Ford’s veto of the city’s bankruptcy bail-out, the front page read: “FORD TO CITY: DROP DEAD.” In response, the paper changed its slogan to “The Eyes, the Ears, the Honest Voice of New York.”

As the 21st century began, no printed newspaper came away unscathed from the rise of online news and information. Even the once-mighty New York Daily News saw its circulation shrink from its mid-20th century peak, but it continued to produce strong local news coverage and remained one of the country’s most prominent tabloid newspapers.

The emergence of the Donald Trump presidential campaign offered the News an opportunity to re-establish itself amongst the city’s most-viewed media outlets, and the paper returned to its roots by employing a more provocative style and tone, giving Republican Senator Ted Cruz the middle finger via the Statue of Liberty’s hand and rehashing its most famous headline in the direction of the incoming President: “TRUMP TO WORLD: DROP DEAD.”

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