The Daily News at Yale

Daily News is the name of a newspaper that was published in New York City from 1878 to 2019. The paper is known for its sensational pictorial coverage and willingness to go above and beyond to get the story. This was most famously demonstrated by a 1928 front page picture of Ruth Snyder mid-electrocution, which caused an outcry and ultimately saved the woman from being executed.

Despite the newspaper’s tumultuous history, it enjoyed its most stable period of success in the 1990s, when it was owned by controversial British media mogul Robert Maxwell. He brought the newspaper back to its roots as a tabloid, investing $60 million on color presses and repositioning it as “a serious tabloid.” The Daily News became one of the most popular newspapers in America and was frequently the number one seller in New York City. It was also known for its editorial stance on social issues and the rights of New Yorkers, winning Pulitzer Prizes in 1996 for E. R. Shipp’s pieces on race and welfare, and in 1998 for Mike McAlary’s coverage of police brutality against Haitian immigrant Abner Louima.

In 2017, however, the newspaper’s circulation dipped to less than half its peak. In September, its former owners—Zuckerman and the Tribune Publishing Company—announced that they were selling it to Tronc for a mere $1. The next month, the company went on a firing spree, with editor-in-chief Jim Rich among those to be laid off.

The Yale Daily News is a student-run newspaper that is printed Monday through Friday during the academic year and serves the Yale community. It is the nation’s oldest college daily newspaper and maintains a strong independent editorial voice. Its staff, which consists of students, contributes original reporting and writing to the newspaper and its various supplements, including WKND, the Daily News Magazine, and special issue editions that celebrate Yale’s Indigenous, Black, Latino, Asian American and Pacific Islander communities in partnership with those groups.

The News’s Local Pulse is a weekly podcast that features stories and interviews from the Daily News’s community of readers. Its hosts are a team of local journalists from different departments and beats, and they discuss current events, politics, sports and more on a weekly basis. Subscribers can listen live at 9 a.m. on Saturdays or check out previous episodes. In addition to the podcast, The News offers home delivery and Digital Access to its subscribers. Subscribers can use their login to read The Daily News online, access exclusive content, get deals on food, hotels and attractions around the city and nationwide, and more. Subscribers can also listen to the Local Pulse segment on The Daily News radio app. The app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

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