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The Daily News is a daily newspaper that has been a part of New York City life for decades. Since 1919, the newspaper has been one of the most well known publications in the United States. This publication has won many awards and has been an integral part of the city’s culture. It covers a variety of topics from politics to sports to celebrity news. You can also read the newspaper online. Using the digital version of the newspaper, you can access more than a dozen features and tools that make reading easier and more interactive.

For a period of time, the Daily News was the largest circulated newspaper in the United States. Until recently, it was owned by Tronc, a media company that was later purchased by Tribune Publishing. After purchasing the paper, Tronc slashed the newsroom in half. That left a number of journalists uncertain about what would become of their job.

During the 1960s, the Daily News was a staunchly conservative paper. It also espoused social and political wrongdoing. But by the 1970s, the Daily News was a moderately liberal alternative to the right-wing New York Post. By the 1980s, the newspaper had a circulation of more than 200,000.

Over the years, the Daily News has been the home of several prominent journalists. One of them, Clifford Ross, covered Staten Island, Manhattan and the Amsterdam News. He was later a member of the New York City Council. Other Daily News mainstays included Dick Young, a former editor of the New York Post, and Jimmy Cannon, a boxing writer.

In the mid-’70s, the newsroom began shifting. It was moved from its previous location on East 42nd Street to another former building on West 33rd Street. While the newspaper remained a staple of the five boroughs, it lost its ability to hold its audience’s attention with a single headline.

Before the publication of the Daily News, there were two other tabloids in the United States, the Los Angeles Mirror and the Illustrated Daily News. These papers had very different styles of journalism. Both newspapers were known for their attention to photography. They included lurid photos, which helped to attract readers.

Eventually, the two newspapers merged, becoming the Mirror and Daily News. The Daily News had been a leading investigative and crime-focused newspaper, and it was a strong contender for coverage of sports.

However, with the election of President Donald Trump, the Daily News lost its way. In response, Jim Rich, the top editor of the tabloid, reinvigorated the newspaper. As a result, the daily publication became a strong anti-Trump alternative. Although it was a Republican newspaper for five decades, the Daily News is now a largely independent and centrist publication.

Today, the Daily News aims to keep you informed on the latest trends and developments in New York. You can access the newspaper online and through your mobile devices. You can also find the newspaper in various other cities in the United States.

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