What is Law New?

Law new is a concept that is becoming increasingly important to those in the legal profession. It is a form of practice that involves benefitting clients by using different approaches to deliver legal services and embracing technology. In the past, it was a way of finding different ways to cut costs and improve efficiency but it has now evolved into a way of delivering better results for clients. This is a process that can be applied to many different areas of law and can serve as a secondary focus for an entire firm.

The new law industry will more closely resemble its corporate customers and society at large. It will be a diverse workforce of legal practitioners, creatives, tech and data-proficient, empathetic, collaborative people who work cross functionally with other enterprise business units as well as with each other. It will be customer-centric and leverage technology to create legal products and services that are accessible, affordable, on-demand, scalable, backed by data and solutions-based.

It will be driven by collaboration and the ability to solve significant global challenges that cannot be mastered by a single person, function, enterprise, stakeholder group or country. For example, pharmaceutical companies regularly collaborate with each other on research and development initiatives to develop and produce life saving drugs. The same is true for global technology leaders like Microsoft, Amazon and Google.

New law will be powered by platforms that are secure repositories of collective experience, knowledge and expertise and can rapidly deliver faster, practical and predictable solutions to once bespoke legal matters. These technologies will be used to produce more efficient, cost effective and sustainable solutions and to reduce risk. They will enable the legal industry to meet its ever-increasing takeout targets and deliver more value for money.

On October 26, 2018, Governor Kathy Hochul signed legislation that strengthens deed theft protections in the City by allowing the Attorney General and local District Attorneys to pause related eviction and ownership dispute proceedings and expands the list of crimes that allow prosecutors to void fraudulent instruments affecting property titles. Learn more.

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